Our Mechanical Processing department,

As of 2020, our mechanical processing department has been established. In our 4 axis Cnc Maching center with 8MT profile processing capacity of tekna brand of italian origin; We perform drilling, slot opening, helical drilling, freezing operations with a precious of 0.1mm.

We do turnkey projects depending on the project and technical drawings. we perform mechanical processing on profiles produced in superior quality with very precise tolerances and within the framework of confidentiality ethics.​

High Technology

Machine Park

2 pcs eccentric press drilling holes,

5 CNC machining centers

4 pcs 8’ CNC Lathe (2 8’’ CNC Lathe, 2 10’’ CNC Lathe)

Double head angled TEKNA brand

4 axis CNC Italy TEKNA cutting machine

JH brand automatic straight cut

0.5mm cutting at the desired angle with high accuracy

MEKANİK İŞLEM - isler makina